What is Depth Psychology?

Depth psychology can be understood as an approach that values, seeks out, feels into and visits with that which lies under the fabric of our conscious awareness.  

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung are the big minds behind the theories that drive depth psychology, but many great thinkers, artists and visionaries have contributed to the field.  A basic premise of the theory is that which is in the depth of our being can often drive us in ways that we do not see, know or understand. Depth Psychology seeks to become more conscious of these aspects of ourselves so that we are not as bothered by them.  

In practice, this approach can help create insight and involves the conscious use of our minds as we explore emotions, imagery or sensations. It can also involved the shifting subtleties of that which might be more difficult to tangibly see.  When we slow down and listen to our bodies, our dreams, the larger patterns of our relatedness we can begin to find the forms of change. The ultimate goal is to come to a larger understanding of who we are as a human being so that we can live a more comfortable, authentic and happy life. 


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