Group Therapy 

Group therapy can offer a variety of supportive, informational and healing experiences. Groups can provide a safe and contained space to be with others who may be struggling in the same way we are.  When we share our stories and witness others we might not feel so confused, or so strange or so alone.  We can also learn a great deal about how we relate, communicate and experience ourselves and others. 


Community Based Dreaming

NEW GROUP starting in september 2016

Community-Based Dreaming, a dream group,  is an empowering approach to dreams in which you will learn how to work with dreams and images from a symbolic and body-centered perspective. The group members will become engaged in deepening the group’s understanding of dreams by learning how to ask questions and other dreamwork techniques. This is a dynamic and heartfelt way to work with dreams. 

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Women's Resiliency Group

This women’s only group offers a safe and confidential environment for women to explore how life’s traumas, losses and challenges affect our daily lives. This group will cultivate growth and healing through art, mindfulness, somatic (body) awareness and presence with ourselves and with one another.

Call or email to inquire if there are current openings. 



Workshops can be an informative and fun way to learn about yourself and others. 

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Mindfulness for Anxiety Workshop

In this workshop you will learn about how mindfulness can help to understand and manage anxiety. Co-lead with Aaron Crowe, LMFT.


Stay tuned for dates and times. 

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Community Resiliency Model (CRM) Workshop

Community Resiliency Model (CRM) is a mind body technique that can help you understand when you are in distress and how to come back to a state of balance and well-being.

Stay tuned for dates and times.